Are you a supply chain professional who negotiates contracts to purchase or to supply goods and services?

Is it time to add some new contract negotiation tools to your tool kit?

Do you need to take your contract negotiation skills to the next level?

You’ve come to the right place. New Rules for Negotiating Ten Minute Learning series is a short but comprehensive series of contract negotiation webinars specifically designed for people who negotiate complex customer/supplier agreements. The webinars are based on materials covered in my corporate training sessions and in my New Rules for Negotiating corporate training manuals.

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If you are a supply chain professional, you are seeing three significant changes:

  1. More contracts. At least 80% of all business-to-business transactions are covered by a written contract. Simple “open PO” agreements are being replaced by template contracts. The terms in those contracts have to be negotiated.
  2. More complex contracts. Legal departments create contract templates, but they don’t always explain how to use them, or how to create the “business” part of the deal—the Statements of Work, acceptance process, corrective action procedures, service levels, and so forth.
  3. Senior people are leaving, taking their years of knowledge with them. People learned “on the job” how to negotiate things like Service Level Agreements, metrics and reporting requirements, and milestone payment schedules. It takes time to get to the level of complexity we are now seeing. Unfortunately, newly hired contracting professionals don’t have the benefit of learning on the job over time. They have to know now.

To make matters worse, negotiation skills training and coaching has not kept up with contracting complexity. Old school tips, tricks and tactics don’t work when negotiating a multi-million dollar, five year, three phase capital purchase, installation, service and on-going maintenance agreement!

New Rules for Negotiating Ten Minute Learning series webinars are designed to give you a fresh perspective to:

  1. Understand how to better negotiate business related T&C’s. By business related T&C’s I am referring to those things that are tied to the Statements of Work, metrics, reporting, price, etc.
  2. Gain clarity on how to obtain supplier performance through a well-crafted contract. There is a direct correlation between what the contract says and what people do.
  3. Tackle the tough negotiations by giving you my personal advice. I’ve been negotiating agreements for more than 25 years and I’ll share personal, recent, real-life examples from my coaching and consulting practice with you.

I’ve worked both sales and purchasing, usually at the same company at the same time, so my advice is a balanced and multi-faceted approach to supply chain negotiations. That dual approach to supply chain negotiations (customer and supplier facing at the same time) gives me an exceptional view into translating customer demands into supplier performance.

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Again, these topics are meant for the purchasing and sales teams alike. There are no gimmicks or put downs, just even-handed advice to improve supply chain performance.

Join me as I help you implement contract, procurement and sales’ best practices. Sign up now to get the link to the next learning session. These learning sessions are truly worth your time and effort. Even though there is no cost for these learning sessions, I promise not to send junk, spam or other unwanted emails—just the kind of information you need to do a better job.

Here’s to your negotiation success!

Jeanette Nyden, J.D.
Sound Partnership Strategies, Inc.